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Quotes Our family has been blessed by both of Mukkove's books and they are beautiful reminders of the true focus of holidays. Our children especially love how she takes secular aspects of the holidays and points them to Christ. These are great books that every family should own! Quotes
Gretta Johns
Wife, Homeschooling Mom, Missionary

Quotes Great books, very helpful with kids and filled with wisdom for life. Thanks Quotes
Charlese Etheridge
Satisfied Aunt

Quotes I love "Christmas is About Jesus"! As a new Mom one of the hardest things I've found is how to communicate complex things to my little ones. This book helped me a ton to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again and to connect our family traditions to the Lord in a simple and creative way. Would recommend to all families!!! Quotes
Shannon Johnson
Grateful Mom

Quotes I absolutely love both of Mukkove's books! What a great way to teach children how to find God in holiday symbols - even ones that weren't made to be spiritual symbosl. With so many distractions, it is essential that our kids know how to find Jesus and remember his promises in the everyday things. Quotes
Sherry Rossman
Author, Satisfied Mom