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Easter is About Jesus Devotional

 Have your children ever asked what bunnies have to do with Jesus's resurrection? Why do we celebrate Easter with jellybeans and Easter egg hunts? While our culture seems to have lost sight of the reason for the season, you can keep your family's focus on Jesus during the Easter season with the fifteen devotions included in Easter Is about Jesus: Family Devotions for the Easter Season. Rather than worrying about who finds the most eggs or who got the most treats in their basket, Mukkove Johnson has written a kid-friendly devotional that clearly illustrates the need to focus on Jesus's and God's blessings during the Easter season.

This devotional puts Jesus into Easter symbols, from chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets to baby chicks and Easter lilies. Each devotion includes study questions and fun activities to remind you and your children that Easter Is about Jesus. With this adaptable and flexible format to follow, you'll always have time for Family Devotions for the Easter Season.

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What Parents Are Saying

By using the different things we see every year around Easter, Mukkove has done a wonderful job reminding us what Easter is really about...Jesus. I'll never look at jelly beans the same way again! ~ Kelly Hagen ~ author of Jake and Jesus

"Splendid! You can even find Jesus in the jelly beans"  ~ Sherry Rossman ~ author of The Miracle of Rain

Easter is About Jesus is a wonderful teaching tool for young and old alike.  It reminds us that in the things we often overlook and take for granted Jesus loves us and came to be our Savior. ~ Jim Hughes ~ Author of C Through Marriage